Jun 11, 2014

DIY Wedding Invitations

One more wedding post! Making the wedding invitations was one of the first projects we did. The bride, Shih-Ping, had a pretty specific look in mind so we decided that making our own would be the most cost effective for what she wanted. I included details about everything if you want to make a similar invitation.

We made them assembly-line style, everyone had a job- cutting the paper, punching the lace edge, scoring the card stock, gluing the text paper in, tying the bow, etc. It took a lot of time, but it was fun to work together and it was pretty economical. We estimated that the cost of each invitation was $1 when we took into account the tools we had to buy, paper, envelopes, and photos.

The wedding colors were pink and gray. We looked all over for gray card stock but no local print shops carried it because ink doesn't show up well on dark gray paper. So we ordered the gray card stock and light pink envelopes online from The Paper Mill Store. The paper has more of a green undertone than we anticipated but we were still happy with it.

The pink floral paper is just a scrapbooking paper bought in individual sheets at Hobby Lobby.

We used this Martha Stewart paper punch from Joann's to make the doily/ scallop edge of the invitation. We also used this scoring board to score the card stock so it was easy to fold. That was a huge time saver and helped the folds turn out nice. 

I took their engagement pictures and we got them printed at Costco. A 4x6 photo is $0.13 to print and they are usually even cheaper when you print over 100, which we did. 

I typed up the text paper in Microsoft Word and printed it on white card stock. (I took our address off these photos to put on my blog) We included little cards for family and friends who were going to attend the temple ceremony.

For anyone interested in making a similar invitation, these are the fonts I used: 
      bride and groom names: Snell Roundhand
      text: Palatino
      scroll thing at top and bottom: Bodoni Ornaments

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