May 22, 2014

DIY Wedding Flowers

When we were starting to plan the wedding, one of the things we really wanted was lots of flowers. Our least expensive option was to order them in bulk through Costco and arrange them ourselves.

My mom and I collected an assortment of vases and wrapped them in burlap and ribbon. My dad and I put together all the flower arrangements two days before the reception. We had about 300 flowers and filled over 20 vases. We definitely aren't professionals but it was good enough for us and it was much easier to put together than I expected.

For the candles, we used all different sizes of canning jars filled with black rocks. We wanted to put lids on the jars so kids wouldn't stick in their fingers in the flame but the lids had to have holes.

 We found sheet metal at Hobby Lobby that had designs cut in it. We used one sheet and used tin snips to cut out about 30 lids.  We wrapped the jars in ribbon, burlap and some sparkly trim.

We decorated tables with flowers, candles and pictures of my brother and his wife. 

Some frames are from TJ Maxx and others are thrift store frames spray-painted silver. 

My sister-in-law's bouquet was put together by our talented friend Mary.

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