May 31, 2014

Minky Baby Blanket

I made this little baby blanket today for one of my past Young Women leaders from church who is having a baby girl- I am so excited for her!

May 22, 2014

Wedding Dress and Photography

I'm so excited to share this post! My brother and new sister-in-law got married last week and they let me take some of their wedding pictures. I also made Shih-Ping's wedding dress.

Outdoor Wedding Reception

Our deck was my favorite part of the whole reception, the lights and hanging flowers created such a cool atmosphere. I didn't take pictures until really late at night so they came out a little grainy but in real life it was gorgeous.

DIY Wedding Food

We did all the food ourselves, and we were still working on it until the last minute. I didn't get pictures of everything, we also had homemade artisan bread, cheeses, sun-dried tomato pesto (my favorite thing ever), meatballs, and kabobs with tortellini, tomato, fresh mozzarella, olives and pepperoni.  

I'm a really bad at photographing food, I promise it all looked better in real life.

Fruit kabobs with grapes, strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe.

Wedding Open House Decorations

My brother and new sister-in-law got married this past weekend! We had a little reception at our house on Friday night. They were married the next day in the Boise temple, and we had a family dinner afterwards. We were so glad we planned it this way so that the wedding day was relaxing and focused on the temple ceremony.

DIY Wedding Flowers

When we were starting to plan the wedding, one of the things we really wanted was lots of flowers. Our least expensive option was to order them in bulk through Costco and arrange them ourselves.