May 22, 2014

Wedding Open House Decorations

My brother and new sister-in-law got married this past weekend! We had a little reception at our house on Friday night. They were married the next day in the Boise temple, and we had a family dinner afterwards. We were so glad we planned it this way so that the wedding day was relaxing and focused on the temple ceremony.

We did all of the decorating and food ourselves but I only got a few pictures before and after the reception because I didn't want to be running around taking pictures the whole time. Anyway, here are some of our ideas! I included links to similar ideas and tutorials.

My sisters and I made this coffee filter wreath for the front door. I cut out a cardboard ring and wrapped it with burlap for the wreath form. We dyed a pack of 200 coffee filters with food-coloring and tea. We made them into the flowers and I hot glued them to the wreath form. I made a wide satin ribbon with fabric and hung it on the door. It was a really easy project and cost under $5. Tutorial for dyed coffee filter flowers at U-Create.

Here is the back of the wreath from the other side of the door. 

My mom and I made some chalkboard signs for different things. The chalkboard is from Home Depot, it was something like $10 for a 4'x6' piece. We bought a picture frame from a thrift store, took out the picture and glass and cut the chalkboard to fit inside.

We cut up the leftover chalkboard to make smaller signs. I used a chalk marker for the writing, it's much easier and cleaner than real chalk.

I also made six strands of bunting but unfortunately this is the only picture that shows any of it.

Our living room has a really tall ceiling so we made a giant mobile to hang from the ceiling. I didn't get any pictures of the whole thing but here are some with parts of it showing. These pictures are after the reception was over so everything is a mess, it didn't look like this during the reception, I promise!

The orb things are made by dipping yarn in homemade wallpaper paste and wrapping it around a balloon. We used those toy punching balloons with rubber bands to make the orbs more round than balloon shaped. We used hemp and willow branches from my cousin's yard to hang the mobile. 

Here is an iPhone time-lapse video of the mobile, not the best quality but you can get the idea.

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