Sep 6, 2014


I moved into my dorm a week and a half ago, it has finally sunk in that this is actually where I live. I posted pictures of my quilt and pillows here. I'm so glad that it all came together how I was expecting. I didn't think I would care so much about my tiny dorm but having a clean and happy room makes me feel relaxed and happy.

Here is my little gallery wall. I got the picture frames from IKEA. I had a week at home after quitting my job and before I moved to Provo and so I tried my hand at painting so I would have "art" to put on my wall.

I drew this floral picture thing with pen and filled it in with some watered down acrylic paint. I wish I knew how to really paint.

I read an article about an artist who cuts out paper in really cool intricate designs and this was my attempt to copy her. I used an exact-o knife and then when the exact-o knife broke, I used a razor blade. It took FOREVER to cut out all those little pieces but I really like it.

Here's a closer up view. 

The 'A' is paper-mache letter from Joann's that I painted gray. It looks black but it's not that dark in person.

 Here's my succulent plant. My mom has a collection of cool plants o my one little plant reminds me of being at home.

This is the view out my window of BYU campus. 

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  1. I love how your room turned out, it is so stinking CUTE!