Nov 28, 2013

Christmas Decorating

We have had the same Christmas tree for about ten years so my mom decided to redo it this year. We made most of the ornaments and it was around $100 total, and it was really fun!

I have links to all the tutorials that we used. Most tutorials use styrofoam balls as the base of the ornament but those can be expensive so we just bought some cheap plastic ornaments and covered them.

This ornament is made out of felt and adds a cool texture. Tutorial from Strawberry Chic.

This is a plastic ornament wrapped in jute and secured with hot glue.

This ornament is made from strips of fleece rolled into rosettes with a pearl bead in the middle. We used fleece instead of wool because it is WAY cheaper and for this project it looks about the same. I didn't follow the tutorial but I based it off a picture I saw from a tutorial by Betz White

This pinecone ornament was based off one for sale at Factory Direct Craft. We just glittered pinecones and attached a string of beads. I sprayed them with Varathane so that the glitter doesn't fall off and make a mess.

For these striped yarn ornaments I used a tutorial by My Sparkle.

My dad carved the wooden star ornaments and the tree-top star.

I made two of these poinsettia pillows for the couch.

I made a Christmas version of my yellow wreath. We had leftover pearl beads from making the ornaments so I put one in the middle of each flower.

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