Sep 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

I've been waiting all week until after my sister's birthday to share these pictures! A few months ago we got the gray-ish blue bedspread, but we hadn't really done anything to decorate my sister's room since then. For my sister's birthday, my mom asked me to make a quilt and pillows for her bed. My sister is almost a teenager and she wanted it to be young and colorful, but we also wanted it to work for an older girl so we wouldn't have to change everything in a year or two. I think we found a good balance, and I really love the fabrics and colors.

The letters are made of cardboard and I painted them cream-colored. We didn't notice that the letters are different sizes/fonts until after we put them up. We'll just pretend that it's supposed to be like that and call it "eclectic." 

The quilt measures about 4 ft. x 7 ft. I just cut each fabric into strips of different widths and sewed them together with a 1" strip of white between each one. The rest is pretty much the same as my quilt tutorial. It came together really quickly because there's no difficult piecing and the quilting is all straight lines.

This is just a simple pillow with a fun little bow on the front.

For this pillow I added a "flange." (new sewing vocabulary word that I learned)

This flower pillow is my sister's favorite. It's made out of fleece and it's super soft. 
Update: Tutorial for fleece flower pillow here.

For the shams, I basically made two mini quilts and turned them into pillow covers with a binding around the edge.

We (my dad) made this bed frame using Ana White's farmhouse bed plans. We made a few changes to the plans, mostly in the height of the headboard and footboard.

This was such a fun little project! It was a surprise for my sister and I was probably more excited than she was. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to make a tutorial for any of the pillows! Just leave a comment or email me!


  1. Oh, I love this! I am looking to sew some pillow shams (the fold in kind) if you have a tutorial, I'd love it! Thanks!

  2. It turned out soooo cute! Love your style!

  3. Do you sell your quilts anywhere?

  4. Thank you! I will get started on a tutorial.

    Yes! I just opened an etsy shop: - more quilts coming soon!

  5. yes please! a tutorial for the shams, and all the other pillows too :)