Feb 23, 2013


Here's a bunch skirts that I've made for my sisters and myself over the past year or so. My two younger sisters are modeling the skirts for me. I'll share a tutorial for my favorite skirt pattern soon. 

I love the big poppy flowers on this fabric.

This skirt is made of a set of sheets from the seventies that I found at my grandma's house. They were my mom's sheets when she was little. It's super easy to make a skirt out of a sheet because you have tons of fabric to work with and the hem is already done for you. 

My youngest sister really needed some new skirts so my mom bought four different fabrics for me to make into skirts. I decided to take the easy route and made two reversible skirts instead of four different ones. The stripe and floral one are one reversible, and the polka dot and orange one are reversible. 

This next skirt is one of my favorite skirts that I've made for myself. My sister is the one wearing it in these pictures. The skirt is made out of seersucker so its very light and comfortable.

I love that the stripes on the waistband go the opposite direction. 

This skirt is made out of shot cotton, which means it's woven with two different colors. If you are close up to it, the thread is gold in one direction and red in the other, but from far away it just looks orange. 

I'll be sharing a tutorial of how I made this yellow skirt soon!

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