Mar 24, 2013

T-Shirt Refashion Tutorial

We just did our closet "Spring Cleaning" and had a bunch of t-shirts to pass down to my youngest sister. We had a few shirts with holes in the elbows so I did a little repurposing to make them wearable. I love making something new out of clothes that would have been thrown away!

I started with two long sleeve shirts. The lighting was really weird in a lot of my pictures, but this picture shows the true color of the shirts. You don't need to have long sleeve or different color shirts, but you do need to have two. 

The first thing I had to do was fix the sleeves. If you like your sleeve length, just leave it how it is. My sister wanted half-length sleeves, ending just above her elbow. So I measured and cut twelve inches off each sleeve. 

My favorite (aka the easiest) way to finish knit fabric is to make a rolled edge.  I cut a one inch band off the sleeve. 

Put the band over to end of the sleeve so the edges line up. Also line of  the seams of the shirt and the band.

Sew down the middle of the band. I took the plate off my sewing machine so the sleeve would fit around the sewing machine arm. My machine has a "knit" stitch that allows the fabric to stretch. If you don't have that stitch you can use a zigzag stitch and it works just as well. 

It would be a good idea to use matching thread (unlike me) but you will never see this stitch on the finished shirt anyway.

Cut lots of circles out of the sleeves cut-offs and second shirt. I used 2.5 inch and 2 inch diameter circles. The circles don't need to be very precise, I just used glasses and lids as a template. Cut both sizes out of both colors.

To make the flowers, layer two circles, one of each size. 

Fold a little crease across the center. 

Fold another crease in the opposite direction.

Go through the neck of the shirt and sew down the center of each flower, keeping it folded. I also tacked down the ends of the petals in a few places.

Keep sewing more circles on the shirt until you are happy. My sister wanted the ruffles/flowers all across the shirt, but it would also be cute to do them just around the neckline. You could do more or less flowers to change how ruffly the shirt is.

Once the sleeves are washed, they will roll up and look like this:

Enjoy your new ruffly, flowery shirt!

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